Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Baby babble

Alon started to talk at eleven months. His first word was "lat" (light). I actually though his first word was "cat" since while we were in the playground, he pointed to a cat and said "aat" but then he also pointed to a slide and said "aat." So no, cat was not his first word then.

He was pretty consistent with "lat" until he learned other words.  Right now, I don't hear him saying "lat" but would excitedly look or point in the light's direction when asked "where is the light."

At almost 15 months, he's already got quite a vocabulary. "Boh" for ball, "buh" for balloon, "bahbuh" for bubbles, "buhbay" (bye), "Kah" (car), " kahw" (cow), "down", "tatay," "nanay," "bana" (banana), la na" (no more), "wotah" (water), "dede" and "duhtee" (dirty).

He uses "nyum" for eat because when we feed him, we'd go "nyum-nyum-nyum!"

There are a few random words that I am still trying to figure out like "ikay" and "iko".  Absolutely no idea as he just points at any random thing saying those words.

His favorite word lately is "no."  Often times used in triplicate, sometimes with no context. Often with a head shake. I sometimes wonder if this is an early "terrible twos."  Hahaha! Thank God there are no tantrums that go with it. Yet.

Whatever it is, I'm glad that Alon seems to be developing well. I'm looking forward to his future quips and hope to God I can keep a straight face if he tries to be a smart-ass. Which on current circumstances is highly likely. 

Oh dear.


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