Sunday, March 14, 2010

Wedding memories: Minette Santiago

This is an entry almost two years overdue. Better late than never though. :P

Back in college, I asked an English classmate to draw me a wedding gown. Just because. I wasn't even sure if I wanted to get married but it was just a fun thing to do on a sunny day while trying not to think of homeworks and essays to do.

That was 14 years before my actual wedding. I would have used that sketch as a peg but I don't know where it is anymore. So I was forced to look through bridal magazines (which good friend R lent to me) to look at gowns that I want mine to be patterned after. I really couldn't find something that I really wanted. Maybe because I was in the mindset that I'd just get a nice off-the-rack white dress from Karimadon. But when J's mom offered to pay for the entourage gowns, I had to think about a design and a designer.

Honestly, I don't know why I would want to spend so much money on a dress that I would wear just once. Even for a once in a lifetime event like my wedding. Yep, I am so much of cheapskate. Canvassing in wedding expo's, my jaws dropped most often. Dresses would cost from P20,000 up! Whada?!

I was lucky to have R recommend Minette Santiago. R was supposed to have Minette make her wedding gown but Minette was booked at the time of her wedding. I've also heard good reviews about her from another friend, though again, they were not able to get Minette's services because she was booked.

Since I really did not have anything in mind, I just gave her some pegs of what I thought I liked or what I thought would look good. I had to ask her to tell me whether it was okay or not. I told her I did not want a pouffy gown and I would rather not wear a petticoat.

Here's the thing... Minette was able to convince me to wear a small petticoat. She convinced me not to wear separate pieces just so I can wear it again. She was able to put together my ideas onto one dress. I wasn't entirely sure if that was what I wanted, but it looked impressive on sketch. So I said go with it.

It was always fun visiting her home/studio in White Plains because her Chow-Chow just had four pups. Other than that, she was really very professional and easy to talk to. She puts people at ease and listens to what they want and adjusts what she things can be improved on.

During my final fitting, which was a week before the wedding I think, I saw the gown. It still did not have the beads on, and it was just lace on top. I did not like it. It fit well, the skirt flowed nicely, but I felt that the top was too old. I actually cried that night thinking about the gown. I thought it wasn't me. I had to call one of my bride's maid to talk to me and tell me it will be fine.

When the day came, and Minette's staff delivered the gown, it was beautiful! I was in-love with it! It was waaaaaay better than what it looked like during the fitting. What was more, Mama G, who was going to do my make-up, also was impressed with the gown as he entered the hotel room. When he liked it, I was assured that I got the perfect dress for my wedding. It was not the way I thought it would be, but it was just right. Thanks to Minette.

I highly recommend brides to get her if they can. She is quite affordable, very professional and very friendly. My entourage also liked their dresses, except for my sister, but they never really got the chance to talk because she was in Cebu.

I really liked the silhouette of the gown. Not too pouffy.

The top that I worried about. The beading was lovely!

Simple yet elegant.

Monday, March 8, 2010

sports is sacred

When J and I were still a young couple, one of the things I get baffled at is how obsessed he can get with sports. There were occasional times I end up bickering with him, often J not seeing it coming, because of how inattentive he can get while watching basketball, and more recently soccer.

After a while, I've learned to accept how important it is to him. I recognized the fact that his love for sports came way ahead before he loved me. I don't think he will exchange me for it when a choice comes his way (i.e. me getting arrested for something as opposed to a spurs game on TV. i do hope this does not happen.

There was one time though when he was watching the all-important Olympic basketball game between Argentina and US and I was out. He promised to pick me up but the telecast was late, he asked me to take a cab. I almost got pissed because a promise was made but I also knew how important the game was for him, but it has been a long time since I took a cab by myself at 2 in the morning. We reached a compromise that he will just pick me up at my friend's house after the game. Both happy!

I guess when it comes to being in a relationship, we have to figure out what things matter to our partners. He knows how much I like traveling so he tries to indulge me as much as possible. And whenever there is a game he wants to watch, I try not to schedule something or go out by myself instead. I do tease him a lot about sports being his first love and I am just the mistress. But otherwise, I learned that one way for us to have a peaceful co-existence is to let him enjoy his simple pleasures of watching and playing sports. :)