Thursday, May 9, 2013

Nanay's Day is about Tatay too

This coming Sunday is my first official Mother's Day.  I'm excited. :)

Motherhood is a daily challenge but it is also a daily pleasure.  It has been a wonderful blessing to be Alon's mother.  There are times I would look at him and just feel that "kilig" of having a son like him.  I would not be able to quantify or qualify what "like him" means.  Alon just is, whatever is means. Maybe it means a not-so-little ball of sumpong and smiles and personality that just makes every day exciting even if we are just lying down together or playing.  But definitely much much more than that.

I would have to say though that I have much to thank Tatay Jan for, that I am able to be the best possible mother I can be to Alon.  (Of course, 10 months into the experience, I don't have much to show for yet.  But I think I can safely say that I do as much I can to take care of our son).

My wonderful husband has taken over some of the household chores so I can devote more time with Alon.  He has been doing the groceries since I gave birth (which would mean items not on the list are inside grocery bags. :P).  He does the laundry (delivering to the laundry shop for big items as well as washing socks and personal items).  He would buy dinner when there is nothing to cook.  He would make me breakfast (the best sandwiches ever!) to bring to the office or prepare my lunch containers.  And so many other things.

By freeing me up of some household chores, I get to spend more quality time with Alon.  Not only that, but he spends quality time with Alon himself.

He has been designated official nappy changer.  During the first few months, this took a lot of effort considering babies poop a lot.  Lately, he has gotten a little reprieve since Alon poops much less now.

He would sometimes bathe Alon when I ask him to.

He would also clean Alon's mess, whether a dirty high chair or food thrown on the floor.

He would read to Alon. 

 He would play with Alon.

While I was away for a long work trip, he managed Alon's meals and milk.  

He has not squished Alon when they sleep beside each other.  :P

I have seen the love and devotion he has for his son.  And again, that "kilig" feeling.  More than that, I get a sense of contentment and joy seeing them together bonding.

* * * * *

I remember a little poster my Father had when I was still young.  "The greatest gift a Father can give to his children is to love their mother."  It used to baffle me back then.  It was only now that I truly understood what that meant.

Alon has much to be thankful for for a Tatay like his own.  I have much to be thankful for to have a partner like Jan in raising a family.  Indeed, I am able to do more for our son because he does more for us. I am the mother that I am because he is the father that he is. :)

Happy Mother's Day!