Friday, September 20, 2013


Alon knows a couple of animal sounds already. He would point to a cow and would go "mmm..." (Mooo!) He would point to a chicken and would go "buhbuhbuh" (bokbokbok!). He would point to a dog and would go "wawawaw!" But then he would point to any furry animal and go "wawawaw!"

Right now, he has a favorite stuffed dog which he would point to and go "wawawaw" often. Then he would hug it with a big smile on his face. He's not extremely attached to it but I do like how he loves it when he has it. I decided to name it Wawawaw or Doggie until Alon can name it himself. (Though I have this feeling that Doggie will stay Doggie forever. Haha!)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

And he stacks!

Well, not in this photo. :P

I have been trying to teach Alon to stack since he was ten months old. He preferred to bang the rings together and throw them about like any typical baby.  Most of the time, I just went along going with his pace since the most important thing is he's having fun. :)

Last September 1, three days shy of his fourteenth month, he finally got it! I was just so proud. :). Every time he'd stack a ring, he'll clap for himself.  I join the applause as well.  Of course, he still finds it more fun to bang and throw but he finally got the concept of stacking rings. Basically for him, stack 'em so he can tumble 'em. Wheeee!

Next goal, shape sorter and stacking cups. :)