Wednesday, November 28, 2012

i miss blogging

I haven't really visited my multiply site for quite a while now until I suddenly had to migrate my old entries before it's totally disappears into internet limbo.  I finally visited tumblr today, where I opted to transfer my entries.  It was interesting to see how I wrote and what I wrote about then.

I miss blogging.

There was a time when every thing in my head was committed to memory so I can write about it.  There were times I'd write multiple entries in a day.  I wrote reviews about books and movies and shows.  I wrote my reflections.  I wrote about silly stuff.  I wrote gibberish.  I wrote a lot then.

As life went on, I fell in love, lived more and wrote less.  It's not a bad reason not to blog.  Somehow though, right now, I feel like some part of my history is missing.  My memory is not as good as it used to be. And with the exciting experience of being a wife and mother, there is so much to write about yet all of those thoughts just remain in my head and not committed to words.

It's not too late though.  I'm hoping I will take less time from Facebook and games and give more time to writing down thoughts. I wish myself luck!