Saturday, December 8, 2012

welcome home and good night

As a new mom, the most difficult part of the day is saying goodbye to Alon each morning.  How I wish I can be a stay-at-home mom so I can watch our child grow every day.  But there are bills to pay, so at the moment, it's not the best option for us.

I do feel blessed that work is just a fifteen minute walk away.  I can even opt to go home for lunch.  During my first month at work, I did do that.  But with the intense noon heat, I got sick easily.  That won't do for either Alon or myself.  With work just nearby, I still get to spend enough time with Alon.  We have our quality time in the morning and we get to have some more in the evening. Yey!

I walk as fast as I can whenever I am going home.  The anticipation of seeing Alon fuels each of my step.  By the time I reach the gates of Avida, I get very excited already.  When I turn the corridor of our floor, I grin from ear to ear.  While opening, I would already be saying, "Hello, Alon!"  And boy, what a wonderful smile that greets me!  That beautiful smile tells me I am finally home.  He shrieks with joy andd kicks about waiting for me to pick him up.  The tired feeling from the day's work goes away and I am awash with love. :)

We proceed with our evening ritual.  If he's hungry, I'd nurse him.  If he's not, we repeat our morning ritual. Read, tummy time, sing, point things out.  Once he starts to get sleepy, I'd give him his bath.  (Bathing Alon is another blog entry in itself.) 

When he is all dressed up, I'd put him on the sling and we would walk around the grounds to lull him to sleep.  I'd sing "soft kitty" or a made up lullabye.  Then we'd say his evening prayer.  By the time I walk through the ground floor corridor, he's ready to sleep.  He'd close his eyes and suck his fingers.  When we reach our corridor, I'd walk back and forth a few times just to make sure he is fully asleep.  Once we are in the room, I'd spend five to ten minutes just hugging him in his sleep.  Then I'd put him to bed and kiss him good night.  

"Good night, Little Alon."

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

beautiful mornings

My mind is fuzz from having to wake up in the middle of the night to feed Alon.  Usually when he is up by 5AM, I just let him be unless he gives an urgent cry.  Oh, he would cry.  But thanks to those beautiful little fingers that go straight to his mouth when he is distressed, he usually is able to calm down after a while.  Which means I get an extra ten, fifteen, even thirty minutes of sleep.

When I do finally have to face the world, my day usually starts wonderfully with my little boy right beside me already awake.  He would be looking around. I would call his name and he would look in my direction.  And when he does, I am greeted by a toothless baby grin with a face that lets me know that he is very happy to see me.  His little hands would reach out to my face and touch my cheeks.  He still has that smile and he would coo as if to greet me good morning.  My heart flutters with joy every time.

After our good morning greeting, we'd say his morning prayer.  I love that he smiles and coos along as we pray.  Then I will grab his "Touch and Feel Baby Animals" book to read to him.  I've actually memorized the words from reading it day and night.  He would sometimes coo along though most of the time, he would look at the drawings.  He is particularly fascinated with the book shelf when I get to read about the kitten.  He also lingers longer when we get to the baby hedgehog.  Lately, he likes running his nails against the velcro because of the sound it makes.

I would read him another book, from one of the Dr. Seuss books he received from Tita Pia.  I have a bias for "The Shape of Me" since it was the book I read to him while he was still in my tummy.  I think it is also the most visually appealing for Alon since the illustrations are mostly in black and white with lots of contrasts and interesting shapes.

After we read, I'd give him a massage if he would let me. When I get to squeezing his little toesies, I'd recite "This Little Piggy."  He usually gives another of his big smiles when I do that.  After our massage, I'd either put him in front of the mirror or by the window.

When he seems to get tired of staring out into the world or looking at the little boy in the mirror, I'd pass him on to his yaya so I can get ready for work.  By the time I disappear from view, he'd whine which tells us he wants to go out to the grounds already.  Too bad for the little one, I prefer that he go down with me so he'd have to wait it out.  When I am ready, I'd take him from his nanny and we'd go down together.

By the time I say goodbye, I feel that I have enough quality time with Alon to power me up for the rest of the day. I'd walk to the jeepney stop remembering his smile for dear Nanay.  That is definitely a good start for a beautiful day. :)