Friday, September 20, 2013


Alon knows a couple of animal sounds already. He would point to a cow and would go "mmm..." (Mooo!) He would point to a chicken and would go "buhbuhbuh" (bokbokbok!). He would point to a dog and would go "wawawaw!" But then he would point to any furry animal and go "wawawaw!"

Right now, he has a favorite stuffed dog which he would point to and go "wawawaw" often. Then he would hug it with a big smile on his face. He's not extremely attached to it but I do like how he loves it when he has it. I decided to name it Wawawaw or Doggie until Alon can name it himself. (Though I have this feeling that Doggie will stay Doggie forever. Haha!)


Anonymous said...

Doggie, Alon's first pet. :)

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