Monday, March 8, 2010

sports is sacred

When J and I were still a young couple, one of the things I get baffled at is how obsessed he can get with sports. There were occasional times I end up bickering with him, often J not seeing it coming, because of how inattentive he can get while watching basketball, and more recently soccer.

After a while, I've learned to accept how important it is to him. I recognized the fact that his love for sports came way ahead before he loved me. I don't think he will exchange me for it when a choice comes his way (i.e. me getting arrested for something as opposed to a spurs game on TV. i do hope this does not happen.

There was one time though when he was watching the all-important Olympic basketball game between Argentina and US and I was out. He promised to pick me up but the telecast was late, he asked me to take a cab. I almost got pissed because a promise was made but I also knew how important the game was for him, but it has been a long time since I took a cab by myself at 2 in the morning. We reached a compromise that he will just pick me up at my friend's house after the game. Both happy!

I guess when it comes to being in a relationship, we have to figure out what things matter to our partners. He knows how much I like traveling so he tries to indulge me as much as possible. And whenever there is a game he wants to watch, I try not to schedule something or go out by myself instead. I do tease him a lot about sports being his first love and I am just the mistress. But otherwise, I learned that one way for us to have a peaceful co-existence is to let him enjoy his simple pleasures of watching and playing sports. :)


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