Thursday, February 11, 2010

getting used to being married...

it's not a secret that i had to leave a few months after the wedding because i was able to get a scholarship abroad. so my on-the-job training for being a wife and someone's 'live-in' partner had to be cut short.

now i'm back to it. both of us, i think, are still getting used to the daily motions of being married though we haven't really stabilized yet given my current state of 'lost' as i hunt for work.

a clear evidence that we are still unused to married life is... toothpaste.

yes, toothpaste.

i brought a tube back from netherlands which i was currently using. after a while, i realized that there were a couple of toothpaste tubes on the dresser which were both used. i asked him why he was using his own. he thought i wanted my own tube.

i found this absolutely hilarious. i told him i did not mind sharing because i am fairly certain that i will have to ask for toothpaste from him if i don't get work any time soon. other than that, i think sharing would be more cost-efficient if we are to be room mates anyway.

i'm glad marriage does not come with manuals. it would be no fun that way!


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