Monday, February 8, 2010

praying together

i hardly have the spiritual discipline for a decent prayer before going to sleep, much less structured prayers like the rosary and novenas. but for some reason, i really like going to mass. especially after several sessions with fr. jett villarin explaining the meaning of the signs and symbols of the mass.

i particularly love the idea of why it is bread and wine. for bread, the dough is kneaded over and over and over to make it the perfect bread. for wine, it is crushed to make the juice which has to be fermented to become wine. simply put, the final 'output' of bread and wine go through a process before they become the delicious food that they are.

anyway... i feel doubly content when i go to mass with j. maybe because like i said previously, i feel that being married to j is God's sacrament of His love for me. sacraments are said to be 'symbols' of God's love. i'm not sure if it is appropriate, but i often hold his hands during mass because i am reminded of my gift.

one of the best marriage homilies i have come across talked about a couple's love is like a braided hair. if there is only two strands, it would untangle. but a third strand makes it hold and makes it stronger. the priest sad that God is that third strand. makes perfect sense to me.

and after that, i decided that i shall make sure to factor in God in my next relationship. interestingly enough, j was an answered prayer. long story for another day.

i think we are still in the honeymoon period of our marriage (which i hope we can stretch as long as we can!), but i do hope in the next years of our togetherness, we do not forget to factor in God in our relationship. to remember that we are each other's symbol of God's infinite love.


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