Wednesday, October 23, 2013

First haircut!

Alon's hair before the cut
Last Sunday, Alon had his first haircut. We were supposed to go to a kiddie barber shop but when we found out how much it cost, the kuripot in me just turned around and never looked back. Haha!

Lolo actually volunteered for the job when he found out that we were planning to have Alon's hair cut.  He seemd excited to have been finally granted the privelege.  He already had his razor ready when we visited Pasig.

We started but Alon did not like the sound of the razor and ended up crying. We decided to wait until he fell asleep first.

I actually missed the second attempt for the haircut since I fell asleep.  I got a bit annoyed at that but good thing my son woke up again because of the razor. I had the chance to experence his haircut with him.

Lolo ended up using the traditional scissors cutting Alon's hair. I wsd carrying Alon when he was having the haircut so I was all covered with hair.

It was not the best of haircuts. It was not even at all, especially at the back. Some parts had his scalp exposed, the parts that went through the razor. 
The crazy back of his head. :P

Howrver if you are facing him, you would not even notice anything wrong at the back.  Despite that, I'm still happy how it turned out. My little baby is now a boy.  A handsome one at that! 

Not bad from the front.


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