Tuesday, October 8, 2013

New words, new words!

Since Thursday, Alon learned a few more words.

"bak" - bike
"kay" - sakay (ride)

of which he used together.  His first sentence was, "bak, kay."  Mommy jaw drop moment there.

"wa-aw" - wow
"buhk" - book
"lohloh" - lolo.  We're trying to teach him "lola" because Lola = Santa Claus. No such luck yet.

I left for Zamboanga, and tonight's phone call revealed that he has two new words again.

"eh-yo" - hello
"leeh-goh" - ligo  (bath)

What a chatty kid we have!

While we were on the phone, I quoted an excerpt from his book. "Click-clack-moo, click-clack-moo, clickety-clack-moo."  Jan said Alon got the book and handed it to him.  Another mommy jaw drop moment. :)


Vanenie said...

Something similar happened to us a while ago :) I asked Ellie to give me one of her fave book "Lucas the Lion", and she did just that! Proud mommy moment ;)

anj said...

Ang galing nila ano? Amazing talaga how quick they learn!

Anonymous said...

Clap! Clap! Clap! for Alon. :) Wait until they speak in sentences. You'll be speechless. :D

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