Thursday, October 3, 2013

Nights like this :)

I arrived to a little celebration of Alon's condo Bestie, Anton, who turned one last September 14. While I was enjoying pansit, Alon was with Yaya Jeana riding Zohan's bike. He quite enjoyed the ride and was crying when we had to return it to the owner. When We finally went up to our unit. I asked him if he could say "bike" and he said "bak."  Yaya and Nanay were both surprised and pleased. :).

When Tatay arrived a little later, he took Alon for a walk along the corridor. We played hide and seek and habulan. I taught him to turn. He did! He did three turns, got dizzy and fell down. He was dazed but after he recovered, he did it again a couple of times. Turns, dizzy, fall.  He enjoyed it. Crazy kid!

Afterwards, we saw a grasshopper by the exit door of our wing. He kept staring and looking at it. Everytime we tried to leave, he would insist going back.

When Tatay and Nanay finally decided to return to the unit, it was time for dinner.  He had his plain taho and frozen apple-banana-pear smoothie. Then he took his bath.

Boy, bath was a riot.  I was able to give Alon a bath, but it seemed I was as wet as my ward. He was splashing the water with such buoyant, effervescent gusto that I had to join in. I was drenched but we both enjoyed. :)

Every night may not be as crazy and fun as tonight but I hope Tatay, Nanay and Alon continue to create exciting memories together. :)


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