Saturday, October 12, 2013

Community feeding

It really does take a village to raise a child, or in my case, breastfeed my son.

I only had a week to work at increasing my stock of breastmilk for Alon before I departed for a short eight day mission to Zamboanga (short because most of my colleagues have been here for three weeks).  I was only able to stock four days worth of milk which was my main concern when I left for the field.

I did buy several kinds of milk and milk substitutes like Dutch Mill, Chamyto, fresh milk, soya milk and chocolate milk.  According to Jan, he seems to like Chamyto but only in small doses.  All the other milk, he would refuse to take.

We were lucky to have a kind neighbor who was also breastfeeding her seven month old girl and was stay at home so did not really need her expressed milk.  Our yaya was able to solicit her extra milk for Alon so we were able to extend his stock to six days.  She was gone for the weekend though, so I was in a bit of dilemma.

A colleague was actually willing to transport the milk when he would depart Thursday but the rains cancelled the flights in Zambo so they had to travel all the way to Pagadian to take a flight to Manila.  That plan had to be scrapped.

I was able to convince another colleague flying back to Manila on Saturday to be Alon's milk man.  I was so happy when he said yes.  There were initial concerns that the flight might not push through since it was raining again this morning and Manila was also experiencing its own showers.  But God was good and Jan managed to get the milk from him at the airport.

Alon has enough milk again to last him until I return on Monday. Yey!  Yey to the fact that my son will still be fed and Yey to the fact that Monday is coming soon. :)


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