Tuesday, January 31, 2012


No, Jan has not left his work to be a work-at-home husband or dad-to-be.  He's just a bit obsessed with sprucing up the condo.  Since November, he's been carrying out a measuring tape wherever he goes.  It seems to me that he is measuring every corner of our little home.  He even made a mock-up of our unit in Sketch-Up.  Most of the websites he visits are home related, except for NBA and football.

It drives me crazy sometimes.  And I will admit that it even makes me annoyed because I feel the condo takes over everything else including myself.  The operative word being "feel."  We've had an argument or two about it, mostly because of me.  But after I have expunged all the negative air about it, I do realize that I am quite lucky with this man who cares so much that we have a comfortable and happy home.

Imagine, I really don't have to do anything except give my opinion.  I've vetoed a few ideas and have let him decide on others.  Our place is still a bit of a mess with our kitchen area being constructed but I can already imagine how cozy everything will be once everything is in place.  And when things settle down, I will have my wonderful husband to thank for.  His enthusiasm, and yes, even obsession spared me a lot of work.  That part I am extremely happy about.

Here's hoping that in a couple of weeks, everything will be settled with the house and Jan will stop measuring the house and keep track of my belly. :)


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