Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Last Planner You'll Ever Have

Last year, I had the "Relax Lang, Puso Lang Yan, Malayo sa Bituka" Planner.  It was quite a fun planner to have, with reminders about heart breaks, courting and what have you scattered all over it's pages.  There were also reminders on when certain movies showed or which couple married or broke up on certain dates.  I usually don't finish a planner, but this one I was able to fill up well enough.

I was waiting for their 2012 version but unfortunately Witty Will Save the World, Co. was not able to produce anything this year.  I thought I would have to settle for a Starbucks planner. Not.  I did try for it though.  I was able to get four stickers. I gave it away for someone else to use instead.  I won't be able to drink coffee anyway.

I thought of getting an Avante Garde planner, which looked really chic and classy.  Something I am not but it was a pretty planner, and sometimes I like pretty.  We actually had one reserved already.  But then, my brother gave me this cool planner instead.

The Last Planner You'll Ever Have 2012 Planner.  I think most of us heard the "news"  that 2012 is the end of the world, according to the Mayan calendar.  So in case the advanced civilization of the Mayans were correct, then this planner wants to help its user be prepared for the eventual end of the world.

In the list of dates and holidays to remember, December 21 is included.

Thus Christmas and Rizal Day happening has yet to be confirmed.

The planner includes pages for your bucket list, a last will testament, "to-do" and "not to-do" list (R-18 version).  There is also a end of the world survival kit as well as tips for a time capsule.  In case people survive armageddon.

My 2011 planner was funnier, but this planner has its moments.  It's an ingenious concept for a planner.  The paper and spacing for the dates aren't that bad either.  It feels more sturdy than the "Relax Lang..." datebook which fell apart middle of the year.

Never again, Starbucks or whatever coffee shop out there makes planners.  I like my planners funny!


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