Saturday, January 7, 2012

Third time's the charm!

I had my ultrasound again last Thursday (January 5).  Before the ultrasound (UTZ), I was a bit nervous.  Because of the diet the nutritionist gave me, I actually lost five pounds.  I was also having some occasional cramps days leading to the ultrasound.  It was nothing really painful but could get uncomfortable and disconcerting.

Jan went with me before going to the office since the UTZ was supposed to be at 9AM.  They called me at 9:30 AM though.  Jan had to wait outside first before he could come in.

When the UTZ commenced, I wasn't sure what to make of it.  Unlike the previous ultrasounds, the form of the baby could easily be identified.  This time, the images looked like blobs to me.  I was trying to read the sonologist's expression to see whether there was something to concerned about.  She was just talking jargon to the other doctor and taking measurements at first.  Finally, she talked to me and asked if I had someone with me.  They finally called Jan.

The baby was doing well.  It was moving so much that was why they had difficulty getting a good image.  "Kapag malikot, matuwa ka! Matakot ka, kung di masyado gumagalaw!" That was great to hear.  The limbs were longer and the rump looked cute.  The eye sockets were clear but made our baby look like an alien in the UTZ.  Heartbeat was still at 162.

It was so wonderful to see, and all the better to have Jan holding my hand when we heard this great news.  Plus the subchorionic hemorrhage is finally gone. :)

I haven't scanned the images yet to post here, but really, there was no clear image to the untrained eye to see a baby form.  Believe me, I tried and failed.  I was this close to looking at it with 3D glasses. :P

I'm so excited already, I wonder how much more excitement is possible for a mother/parent-to-be!


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