Sunday, January 8, 2012

Meet the doctors

After my ultrasound, I went straight to my OB-Gyne.  There were three other patients before me, so I got my Kindle and began reading "A Game of Thrones" while waiting.  When it was finally my time to meet with Dr. Henson, she was more than happy to announce that I can go already go back to work.  Though with or without her signal, I would have gone anyway. Hehehe.

The best part was I can already start doing some exercises, including walking and swimming.  I'm not big on exercising, but I really welcome movement right now.  I've been wanting to dance to "Move Like Jagger" for weeks already.

When she asked about my sugar levels though, she was a bit concerned that my sugar was still high.  This is just partly true though.  My glucose was normal for two-thirds the time but that does not seem to be a good sign for her. Uh.  Plus the fact that I lost five pounds, she was also concerned because I needed to gain weight already.  She said that if the endocrinologist recommends I take insulin, she is all for it.  Other than that, our next appointment will be the next month already. Woohoo!!!

The day after, I met with Dr. Capellan.  The woman is quite busy! I had more than patients before me.  I ended up waiting for three hours.  However, I like her a lot.  She really talks to you and discusses your concerns.  Her time with patients often take long.  For those waiting, it may be annoying, but if you are the patient, you feel really cared for.  So yeah, never mind the wait.

Dr. Capellan did also have concerns with my sugar.  But I told her that my glucose has been stabilizing the last three days.  Because of that, she was willing to give me another week to monitor my sugar before she decides to have me take insulin.  The five pounds loss was also something that may have her put me on insulin.  With insulin, I can have more calorie intake.  With the second trimester coming, weight gain is important for both the baby and I.

She did give me a bit of good news, increasing my intake of beef or pork within a week. I was limited to it once a week.  She did not say how often more I can have it, but I will keep it at three times a week max.

I have a feeling the insulin will be inevitable but I want to avoid it as long as possible. I can do this!


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