Sunday, January 29, 2012

"House Manager"

I always knew that managing the house is not an easy task but it was only these past few weeks that I discovered it can be very tiring.

Since I found out that I have gestational diabetes, preparing my own food was the best way to make sure I am able to manage my blood sugar.  We don't have an electric stove yet but we do have an electric grill and a microwave oven.  At least I am able to avoid using oil in our food in the meantime.  

My routine would involve marinating my planned meal for the next day the night before.  I would put it in the chiller so it won't freeze.  When I wake up, I would measure my blood sugar afterwards put the meat in the grill. While waiting for it to cook, I have to prepare my salad and rice exchange (rice, corn, potatoes).  This would take around 15 to 20 minutes.  I would then eat my breakfast of milk, rice exchange and fruit.  If my meat is already cooked, I would pack my lunch.  If there is enough time, I would wash the dishes but if not, they wait until I get home.  Or if Jan is not in a hurry, he'd take care of it.  I would take out the meat  that I would have to marinate for the next day from the freezer and leave it in the ref so when I come home it's already thawed.  Then comes bath time and dressing up.  If that would be an hour since I ate, I'd measure my blood sugar again.  Then I leave for work.

When I get back from work, I would wash any dishes left.  Then I would marinate my food for dinner and lunch.  I'd prepare my salad and rice exchange again.  While waiting for the rest of the stuff to cook, I'd see if there is any thing that needs arranging in the condo.  Though to be honest, I am not as diligent with this as I should be.  But really, cooking alone takes so much energy already.

I try to cook for Jan as well but his schedule has been erratic of late.  He also says I should take care of my food first since he can eat anything without issue so he can get food anywhere. Sweet of him, though I wish I could prepare food for him more.

By 9PM, I am already exhausted.  Sometimes I fall asleep in the middle of watching a recorded show or in the middle of reading a chapter.  But I try to stay up because I have to drink my milk around 10.30PM.  

Caring for a small studio unit is already challenging.  Imagine if we had a one or two bedroom unit?  And when the baby comes.  How crazy would that be?  

I am really amazed with all those working women who manage to do all these things by themselves.  These are the women who deserve a great treat on Mother's Day!

To all working women out there, I salute you.  


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