Sunday, February 12, 2012

That special one in a billion

I was waiting for my second ultrasound.  There were other women in the waiting room, most of them pregnant.  It was quiet except for the television set at a low volume and the chatter of the nurses and attendants with incoming patients.

It was another day at the office for most people, but there were several of us feeling quite special that moment.  Some of us will be seeing our little babies for the first time.  Some for a second or a third or a fourth.  Each time is as thrilling as the first.  Probably some with a bit of nervousness.  But mostly excited.

The world is already more than seven billion people. Yet many women or couples around the world are excited to have one more.  That one more that means so much.  Some unexpected, some hoped for, all special.  Each child a miracle... a gift... a blessing to someone.

It was a beautiful thought.  I glanced through most of the women and wished them all safe pregnancies and healthy babies.


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