Thursday, September 25, 2014

Weaning nth time

Tonight I succeeded in putting Alon to sleep without nursing. It was more of a forced circumstance than a choice. Last night, while he was nursing, I had some fake contractions. They don't really hurt but are pretty inconvenient. The not-good thing about it is it could escalate to full force contractions which I do not want at 34 weeks. I need to grow the little one some more.

I talked to Alon telling him we can not "dede" for a while because it gives Nanaynthe "ouchy". Wasn't really sure if he understood but I kept repeating it to him for most of the night. I also allowed him a longer play time with the iPod. This goes against my usual parenting rules but I coukd hardly keep up with him now, so some compromise had to be made.

He did ask to nurse but I was firm that it was not possible. I told him he can nurse again once baby brother is out and if he still wants to but not before then. He, of course, put up a struggle butwe eventually managed to sleep without nursing. His tantrum was actually shorter compared to allowing him to nurse then asking him to stop in the middle of the process.

There is at least thee weeks to go (I pray), so I'll have to see if he will be totally weaned or not. I'm open to tandem nursing but it would be much reprieve to just feed one as the other has had his due. Nonetheless, in his own time. 


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