Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Bahay Kubo

There is such a thing as unconditional love from a child to a parent too. Alon likes having me sing "bahay Kubo" to him at random moments but particularly when going to sleep. My voice is awful. I'm tone deaf and can not carry a tune. Yet, he still wants me to sing it to him all the time. Haha!

This evening, I had a wonderful surprise when I arrived home. He was reciting the song! There were times I had to prompt him with syllables but he knows most of the song and the order of the veggies. It was such a proud moment!

Now I know why parents always boast of their kids. It can not be helped sometimes. You feel the sense of achievement of your child's progress. Yesterday they couldn't do it and then suddenly they just can. Amazing!

We still can't make him recite the alphabet or numbers but hey, who's rushing? :)


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