Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Coming soon

Little Wiggler, I'm getting breathless carrying you around, do you know that? My tummy has grown much larger than when I was carrying your Kuya. i had gestational diabetes then so I had to. Thankfully, I do not have it now. I can eat more that I did before. That was probably why my tummy got so big. And now, I have stretch marks. 

Vanity is making me feel sad a out it. But then I know that what matters most is that you grow healthy inside of me. We have at least two weeks to go, but I'm gunning for at least three. Just thinking about moving like this for three weeks exhausts me though. Doesn't matter thoug, I'll survive each day. :)

As long as you keep swimming those laps inaide of me to let me know that you are a healthy, strong boy, I will be able to let go of vanities. :)


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