Thursday, September 25, 2014

34 weeks

You've been very active my Little Wiggler! And it makes Nanay happy every time. It also makes me uncomfortable too, especially when there is a fake contraction that hardens my stomach for quite a while. But it's a good sign that you are thriving and hopefully, happy inside Nanay.

I talk to you inside my head. I forget to speak out loud to you but I hope the love I feel you hear with every heart beat. That's at least 50-60 beats a minute. It should reach you. :)

Hold on for at least three more weeks, Little Wiggler! It's best for you so you can gather all strength when the time comes you are finally out. It's not as warm and as comfy as inside me but it is an interesting place to be. Most of the time you are awake, your little head will be figuring things out. I hope you will be excited and not feel too scared. nanay and Tatay and Kuya Alon are here to take care of you. :)

I love you, my Little Wiggler. I can wait to hold you but I have been excited for weeks and weeks and weeks. So when you do come, it will be awesome! 


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