Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Oh dear. My blood is too sweet.

The ultrasound made up for the excruciating blood extraction I had to go through last December 19.  I kept remembering the image of the little embryo with it's moving almost limbs and fast heartbeat.  The next day, however, I was a little nervous about my blood tests.  I got the results after work.  I got all of them except for the HIV test which would be ready by Friday.

I examined my results.  I understood that my blood test and my urinalysis were okay.  The other stuff were too technical for me to understand.  I did get a bit concerned with the Rubella one because it showed it was high.  I was wondering if I was high with the rubella virus.  I looked at the "What to expect when you're expecting" book Rowie lent me.  It did not really shed light on what the tests meant but I was hoping it meant that I had high rubella antibody count.  Only the visit to the doctor will tell.

Finally, I met with the doctor on Wednesday.  We first discussed that the internal bleeding which did increase but had no effects to the baby.  So that was good.  She almost forgot to review my tests until I pointed it out to her.  Good thing her secretary checked it before hand and mentioned something I needed to be concerned about.  This was why I remembered to ask her about it.

Rubella was the least of my concerns.  The results actually showed I had good immunity against it.  It was my glucose that was something to worry about.  My fasting rate was good, but after I took the yucky glucose solution, my blood sugar was too high even after two hours.  Since diabetes runs in the family, my doctor was not inclined to believe it is gestational, rather something that was there before.  

I'm hoping she's wrong, that it is something that will eventually go away after child birth.  But for the duration of the pregnancy, it is something I will have to watch out for.  Dr. Henson recommended I see a endocrinologist or diabetes doctor so I can be guided on what food I can have.

Thankfully, the doctor, Dr. Capellan, is covered by my extension HMO so one less consultation fee to pay for.  When she saw my test and found out that I was only 10 weeks pregnant, she was inclined to believe that I do have diabetes given our family history.  She immediately recommended that I monitor my blood sugar upon waking and after every meals.  I had to go to the Diabetes clinic to learn how to monitor my sugar as well as have a specially-planned diet made for me.

All these things cost! I had to pay for the sessions on the diet and the monitoring (around P1,100 total), plus the glucose monitoring kit (P3,700 for the monitor, P4,000 monthly for lancets and chips).  My diet was down to 1,750 calories/day broken down into 3 meals and 3 snacks.  The meal plan did not look depressing at all, at least.  It's just going to be difficult to eat out.  Or at the hubby's parents.  :P

I was a bit down, having to forego the ice cream and the cheesecake.  Plus the lechon and kare-kare.  Christmas season was coming and food is part of the Filipino celebration... so it was definitely going to be a challenge.

But this discipline that I have to learn is not for myself but for the well-being of my baby.  And for that, I will not be defeated. 

I can do this!


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