Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tests, tests, tests!

I was scheduled to have the standard battery of tests to be taken on December 19.  I thought it was just your typical time at the laboratory where they extract your blood and use the vial taken to be tested.  Well, my thoughts were correct.  What I failed to realize that for each test, they need a vial of blood.  I only had to have seven tests.  Frak.

The worst thing about it was I had very thin capillaries.  Every time I have blood tests, the nurses would often exclaim about extracting my blood is a challenge.  So when I had my tests, I had to be pricked several times.  One prick would just yield two and a half vials.  They had to take from the other arm since my veins collapsed.  Both arms ended up taking a beating.  Boy, was it painful.  I don't usually hurt from needles, but with the amount of blood they needed to take, it really hurt.

The most stressful test was the glucose 75 which was to measure the sugar in the blood.  For that I had to fast.  I was already so hungry by 9AM.  We got to the hospital around 9.30AM, only to find out that I left the doctor's instructions for the tests.  Jan had to go back to the condo to get it.  He got back to the hospital at 10.15AM.  By the time it was my turn, it was quarter to 11.  

When they got my blood, they had to extract one particular vial for my blood sugar after fasting.  Then I had to drink this bottle full of glucose that was disgustingly sweet.  Ugh.  Then they had to take more blood samples an hour after and two hours after.  Which meant, I could not eat until they got the third extract. Whuh?  I was so faint with hunger already!

Plus I had to run to my ultrasound upstairs.  The wait for that took too long.  By the time they took my ultrasound, I was late for my one-hour after extraction.  The secretary of my doctor also called me up to tell me that the doctor would be unavailable because she had to conduct a delivery, so we had to reschedule on Wednesday.

By the time my last extraction happened, I was absolutely dizzy with hunger! I thought I could eat a horse after, but I was also so faint, I could only eat a little.  I actually over ordered, but the good thing is, I had extra for merienda. Hehe!

What a day it was! I went home dizzy, with bruised veins. I guess that's part of the 'fun' and sacrifice of motherhood to be. :P


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