Wednesday, December 14, 2011

There's a but...

The ultrasound showed us that our baby was doing well with 164 heartbeats per minute.  Definitely a good heartbeat.  It was something to be thankful for.  To be honest, I had to hold back telling most people because I've heard a few horror stories of pregnancies around the first trimester.  It was a relief and a joy to see the baby having a healthy heart.

Ultrasounds do reveal other things.  It showed that I had something called "subchorionic hemorrhage." The doctor explained that there was minimal bleeding in my uterus.  It was like wet glue that did not stick that well yet, so we had to be careful.  She wanted to be overly cautious and adviced some bed rest for me.  There was nothing to be really worried about, but since it was the most sensitive stage of pregnancy, it was best to take extra precaution.

So rest I did.  And it was needed to be honest.  I was always sleepy.  And even if I was just sitting down, I felt tired most of the time.  I felt nauseous most of the time and would occasionally vomit.  So it was good that I listened because the past few days have been uncomfortable.  Because I was hormonal, I snapped at one point because... of lumpy pillows!  But after getting back to my fluffy pillows, there was a huge difference on how rested I felt!

If I have to be behaved and well-mannered and prim just to make sure the baby has a safe journey in my tummy, will do!


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