Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hey, Dad. It's 13 years after.

Hey Dad.

It has been thirteen years since you left us for something better.  I have long admitted to myself that somehow it was best that way.  You have been in too much physical pain and it was too much for everybody seeing you suffer, especially Mom.  We all knew you had come to terms with your mortality.  You even often thanked God for blessing you with the opportunity to share Jesus' pain of the cross.  That's the kind of bad ass crazy Christian you are.  

It has been thirteen years and yet we still miss you a lot.  I certainly do.  There were quite a few life events that I wish you were part of.  I met this nice guy who I eventually married.  We were surrounded by wonderful friends and family during our wedding day.  Your physical presence was missing but I knew you were there with Kuya and Mommy while they were giving me away.

I would have wanted to hear your wedding speech though.  You've always had a way with words, raw and honest and full emotions.  I would even bet that you would cry during the speech, which would probably have me in tears too.  And we would have a father and daughter dance which would start with the waltz but would end with the cha-cha, your favorite dance.

And  you have an apo with me na.  When he was a new born, he reminded me so much of you.  People often call him a Mini-Roy which just affirms he's a mini-Pen. 

Alon is growing up well.  I hope he takes after you in most things.  I pray that he grows up with your intelligence, your kindness and your humor. But I do hope he won't be a couch potato like you though!  

Daddy dearest, thank you for being the man, the husband, the father that you were.  Your love for Mommy showed me what love was like.  Seeing your love for Mom, it was what I looked for in a man.  I could not settle for anything less.

Like I said before, I now understand your little poster, "The best gift a father can give to his children is to love their mother."  A father like that teaches his son the proper way to treat and love a woman.  A father like that teaches his daughter how she should be treated and loved.  Loving Mommy was definitely a priceless gift you gave to your children.

I know you have been watching over us all these years, Daddy.  We all miss you a lot.  At least I know that other than his guardian angel, another awesome Serafin is watching over Alon.

I love you, Daddy Pen. :)


Anonymous said...


This a sad but honest post. I feel you because already lost my dad, too.

And there are some days really when we can't help but still cry over their loss even if it already spanned more than a decade.

anj said...

thanks for dropping by my blog. i hope you don't mind if i link yours up. :)

it's been a long time, and yet the void our fathers left will always be there, no? i take comfort in knowing i have been blessed with a good father.

Maria Regina Aguilar said...

Go ahead, Anj. I don't mind. Yes you are right the memories of our father's love will always bring comfort to us. Mga Papa's girl pala tayo. Apir! :-)

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