Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Roosting soon!

Buying a condo through pre-selling can be quite a test of patience.  When we decided to buy a condo unit last May 2010, we were expecting that the units would be ready by July 2011.  Obviously, that's wishful thinking but one could always hope, right.  Well, it was five months after our expectation that can finally move in.

We were pretty excited to see the unit as soon as we found out we can punch list already.  Alhough I have the admit my spirit fell a bit when I saw how tiny the place is.  Good thing Jan was more positive than I was.  He saw it for what it was -- our very own home, our nesting place. :)

The great thing about having a creative husband, Jan was pretty excited to arrange the condo himself.  This included a 3-D mock-up in some Google program.  Aliw di ba?  My job was to give reality checks, though sometimes I can be quite harsh. Hehehe!

Today, he painted the place by himself.  He actually bought the gray paint a few days back since we hoped to start painting last Sunday but we ended buying a few appliances and a bed instead.  

He did a pretty amazing job with the portion that he finished.  Fine arts yata mister ko! Painting a wall with one color is peanuts!  Almost boring, really.

The contrast is not too clear, but the gray wall is an improvement from the creamy yellowish walls that it used to be.

This is where most likely our "bedroom" will be.  Right beside the door to the balcony.

Most likely where the wardrobe and a working table will be placed.  If we get a TV, it could also be placed here.  We'll see.

"Kitchen."  Fingers crossed we have enough budget left for a marble counter top/table.  I'm wishing to have lots of cupboards here.

The best thing about our unit is it has its own balcony.  Only a few units have one.  For now, we have a view of the sunset and in this photo, a bit of the crescent moon.  It's noisy though.  We can hear the train coming and cars honking.  Good thing I grew up in places like Sta. Ana and Singalong where noise is a constant.

If we get the paint job done by tomorrow (hopefully) and the furniture gets delivered by Thursday, we can even stay the night on Friday already.  That's the best case scenario though.  Realistically speaking, Monday morning we don't need to brave the traffic and just walk to our offices.

Gosh, I feel so adult right now. And so married. :P