Thursday, October 27, 2016


(I'm starting to think this blog is really just there to greet the hubby on his birthday. Hehe!)

I'm torn. Should I go mushy or should I go funny? Since I have only a few minutes to write this, I'll just go with the flow.

Happy birthday, Labs!

It has been a very, VERY exciting year. And you know that I do not mean it in a "wow, what a great year it was."

It was exciting because there was much stretching of our selves this year.

You were stretched as a son, having lost Papa.
You were stretched as a father, when we finally decided, let's raise our children on our own, without a yaya. You are a wonderful one.
You were stretched as a husband by the very fact that your wife is me. Hah. :

All through everything, you remained calm and chill. As opposed to my emotional and stressed. Much as it usually frustrates me, it also impresses me. How do you do it?! That's the Jan magic, I guess.

So yeah, you are a walking paradox to me.
Your very virtues that annoy the hell out me, I know, are also the very ones that help you put up with my frenetic energy.
You are my boon and bane.
You are my annoyance and comfort.
You stress me and yet if it were somebody else, I'd probably be more stressed.

And I doubt this message will make it to love message of the year, but it is coming from a message of love and devotion. (Though me, devoted is not an easy sight to picture.)

So yeah, happy birthday! I may not show it, but I know I'm lucky. Only a guy of your patience could put up with my neurosis.

Thank you for being my partner. You will always be my Labs. :)


The Journey that never ends said...

Happy Birthday sa Hubby mo Anj.

Coach Miah said...

awwww,love you both individually and as a couple :)
when it's my turn, pang ninong & ninang level na kayo! ;)

Caryl said...

You're lucky to have each other! Happy birthday kuya (sorry, #lateness..parang ako lng ikaw,hihi). Cheers to you and your brand of "sweetness". Enjoy your well deserved break in baguio. Ingat kayo! <3

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