Thursday, January 21, 2010

looking forward

photo taken from here.

When we go out, I would usually point out the old couples holding hands that we see and tell J, "that's what I want us to be."

There is something about senior citizen couples who walk hand-in-hand that makes me all kilig. I would tell J that I sometimes imagine us in our 70's holding hands in the mall walking slowly. One of us would turn to the other and ask, "where are we supposed to go?" and the other would answer, "I forgot." And because we don't know where we were supposed to go, we just keep on walking following wherever our shaky knees would take us.,

I once told En about this. I told her that I think if people want to find the one they want to spend forever with, they should try imagining themselves farther into the future when faces and bodies hardly matter anymore... when all you have are conversations and explorations, would he still be the person that you choose to talk to and walk with. If the image looks fine, then that person might be worth a shot.

I did it for J and I didn't mind the image at all. :)


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