Saturday, November 1, 2014

Kuya Alon

It has been a blessing that Alon is receiving his brother well. I have been nervous the entire time I wasconceiving  Alab about how well his Kuya would take to him.

I could not have been any happier seeing his reaction when he first saw Alab. He had this very big smile on his face, pointed to Alab and said, "baby brother" in a giggly voice. He wanted to touch him so I guided his hand to be gentle.

There have been moments when I can sense jealousy. Mainly when it was about breastfeeding. He does know that Alab takes priority but he threw a terrible tantrum when we had to stop his own feeding for Alab. After that episode, I learned to prompt him about new nursing rules. It's still a challenge but Alon has been quite receptive of the conditions.

We also had reading together moments, the three of us. He'd also always talk about Alab, about what his little brother is doing. I am so grateful for this. It's only been five days but I do appreciate this good start. My prayers now include that they be friends. I keep imagining the "kalokihan" they might brew up as they grow... Half of me hopes for Gred and Feorge level, half of me hopes they'd be all-behaved. Haha! Basta. Sana resbak nila ang isa't-isa. Hehe!


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