Sunday, December 25, 2011

Take two!

I had to take another ultrasound on last December 19 to check on the hemorrhage.  Jan was unable to make it because we had a bit of miscommunication.  It was too bad because the form of the baby was much clearer.  And it was great seeing its little finger nubs moving about.  I also got to hear the heartbeat!  Such music to the ears. 

Every time I see those moving limbs and beating heart, I feel hopeful. :)

As for the hemorrhage, it was a little bigger.  When the doctor checked, however, she said she was not as concerned as before because it seemed that the bleeding did not affect the baby.  The baby was actually growing at a good rate.  She did ask me if I wanted to have further bed rest.  For that week, I said I needed to get back to work, but I would gladly take it for the next couple of weeks.

So officially, I am on bed rest again.  But I can be a little more mobile now. Yey!


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